In e-commerce world the “commerce” word is related to Payments and more precisely “digital payments” and when we talk about payments in e-commerce, naturally we start talking about “Payment Success Rate” or “PG Success Rate”. This blog talks about how you should perceive the success rate as well as what all measures we should take care to increase them inch by inch (I mean decimal by decimal points)

This post is for entrepreneurs, product managers, engineers & payment enthusiasts and who have basic knowledge of how Digital Payments work and who are willing to take risks to increase the Payment…

How often have you longed to skip the long check-in process at the hotel reception and dive straight into your room? How many times have you dreamt of checking-in as soon as you reach your destination or even while you are on your way to the hotel? The answer would sure be ‘many a times’.

Thanks to the pandemic, the travel industry has successfully managed to digitise high touch-points at the hotel and to begin with - check-ins that usually involved spending minutes at the front desk producing and verifying ID proofs, signing check-in documents etc. has now moved…


“There There”

to all of you engineering managers out there :)

We all should NOT forget what a challenging year this has been from leadership and management point of view. Not only we need to keep ourself positive and self motivated but also we need to keep the team highly motivated (Really!!) and responsible for their work(Virtually!!)

Anyways we all would have tried multiple approaches to keep things up on pace while managing the team as well as completing our quarterly goals. Balancing between stake holder management + distribution of quarterly priorities to the teams or pods and performing quarterly feedback cycles…


My father used to tell me :

To beef up is always better than to repent on later

In software industry if you are working as product engineer then there are 2 terms which you hear most of the time — Reliability & Scalability

While Reliability makes your system stable and base strong, on the other hand Scalability opens up your system aspiration to move ahead to larger audience.

To maintain both the above keywords we need to beef up our system by the help of Alerting & Monitoring which means keeping eyes/ears to what system wants to convey the message to you about their health.



During an Engineering Manager life there comes a situation when he/she needs to take care of an already existing team. This situation can come up when you move to a new organisation or you get an additional responsibility to manage a team. This challenge is different then building a new team from scratch because of the following reasons -

  • The existing team has their own history
  • The existing team may not welcome new member easily
  • They might have gone through different seasons of managers
  • Change is inevitable but different to adopt and accept
  • Motivation level of the team

Disclaimer —…

The Famous Master-Slave DB Architecture

This is one of my favourite topics and as you know everyone love Database (as far as I know) as well as everyone hate databases (Sadly, when it comes to a single point of failure). We at Goibibo Tech use MySQL to its core and we do have Master Slave database cluster in our system. Oh, wait..

Note — There is an assumption made in the blog that readers are aware of MySQL and AWS Infrastructure in its basic form.

Before jumping into DB Replication lets understand what is Cluster, HA and HA Cluster in simple terms —

Cluster is…


Hell No, we are NOT taking about COD (Cash on Delivery) here but it’s one of the payment method which is ready to bring all shy customers who still don’t want to transact online or you can say which will help to bring offline customers to online platform and moreover trust on the payment transaction system in the market.

If you haven’t seen this option or waiting for one to include in your e-commerce portal then this is the right time to go for it as this mode of payment is already very popular in

South East Asia (Doku payment…

SamuraiFC 2019–20

Everybody knows the importance of adding a game into their personal and professional life (I mean an entry as Hobbies in resume at the least) but few of them really understand how it can change things in your daily routine life.

I have been writing Tech blogs on “Payment System of INDIA” but after few years of additional training in football I thought why NOT share the experience of lifetime to the larger audience.

Just after V-day on 16th Feb 2016 I was called upon by one of my friend who knew I had background of playing football and he…

What is Technical Debt?

“Some problems with code are like financial debt. It’s OK to borrow against the future, as long as you pay it off”

Everyone knows it’s right there but they choose to ignore it unless it slows down the pace of execution or hampers productivity. Let’s call it out -

Code that is not quite right may include many types of issues but got compromised due to fast pace feature releases is generally known as Technical Debt. These issues may be related to architecture, structure, duplication, test coverage, comments and documentation, potential bugs, complexity, coding practices and…

Integration Testing

Yes we do unit testing, we do integration testing but everytime we write a new api do we test the schema and positive + negative test cases religiously, most of the time the answer will be NO. Integration Testing is a level of software testing where individual units are combined and tested as a group.

Om Vikram Thapa

Engineering@Goibibo - Technology, Football n Travel

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